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The generated JSON file from the previous section must be bundled together with the Fuchsia program so that it can be found at program runtime. This is done by the regular Fuchsia build rules, such as those in package.gni.

We have established some conventions for packaging resources (i.e. localized assets). The schema is intended to be extensible to other asset types, and also to be able to support combinations of asset types which are sometimes useful to have when expressing more complex relationships between device and locale (a Hebrew icon version for a 200dpi display). All paths below are relative to the package's data directory and are found under /pkg/data on a running system.

Path Description
assets/ Stores all assets. This is similar to how the meta/ directory contains package manifests and other metadata. In the future, this directory could contain conventional indices.
assets/locales Stores data specifically for locales
assets/locales/fr-fr Stores data for particular locales. The locale names are individual directories in BCP47 format. Each program contributes a single JSON file to this directory, named program.json, where the program part of the name is chosen by the author. We will, at some point, probably need to ensure that package and library names for files here do not collide. Also, due to Fuchsia's packaging strategy, it may pay to have many smaller files storing translations instead of one large one, for ease of update.