Deleting drivers

This page provides a list of the tasks to complete when you delete an existing driver in the Fuchsia source tree.

When deleting a driver, do the following:

  1. Get approval from at least one OWNER of the driver.

    If all of the OWNERS have abandoned the driver and are not responding, then an OWNER higher in the Fuchsia tree needs to approve the Gerrit change that deletes the driver.

  2. Add an entry in the _drivers_epitaphs.yaml file for each deleted driver.

    The following information must be provided:

    • short_description: A description of the deleted driver.
    • tracking_bug: An Issue Tracker issue that describes the reason for the driver's deletion.
    • gerrit_change_id: The ID of the Gerrit change used to delete the driver.
    • available_in_git: A git hash of the fuchsia.git repository that contained the most up-to-date version of the driver before it was deleted.
    • path: The deleted driver's path in the fuchsia.git repository.

    An example entry:

    short_description: 'Qualcomm Peripheral Image Loading driver'
    tracking_bug: '123456'
    gerrit_change_id: '506858'
    available_in_git: 'f441460db6b70ba38150c3437f42ff3d045d2b71'
    path: '/src/devices/fw/drivers/qcom-pil'