Explore Fuchsia

Once you have Fuchsia up and running on a device or emulator, check out the following resources:

Run ffx commands

ffx is a host tool for Fuchsia target workflows that provides the consistent development experience across all Fuchsia environments and host platforms.

The following are some of ffx command examples:

  • Display the list of devices:

    ffx target list
  • Display the device information:

    ffx target show
  • Print the device logs:

    ffx log
  • Reboot the device:

    ffx target reboot

Run examples

To try out Fuchsia's sample software, check out the guides below:

Create Fuchsia components

The basic executable units of software in Fuchsia are components, and these components interact with each other using FIDL (Fuchsia Interface Definition Language) protocols.

To learn more about Fuchsia components and FIDL, check out the guides below:

Contribute changes

When you're ready to contribute to the Fuchsia project, see Contribute changes.

See also

For more information on Fuchsia's development workflows, check out the following resources: