Triage (fx triage)

Triage analyzes snapshots for out-of-range values. The analysis is specified by configuration files.

To fetch and analyze a fresh snapshot from the default device:

fx triage

To analyze an existing snapshot:

fx triage --data /path/to/


fx triage --data /path/to/unzipped_snapshot_dir

To specify config files to use:

fx triage --config path/file1 --config path/file2 --config "path/with/globs/*.triage"

Note that the triage command, not the OS, must expand the globs, so put the path in quotes.

Config file format is described in Configuring 'fx triage'. It includes:

  • Selectors which specify the data to extract from the inspect.json produced by
  • Eval expressions which specify calculations.
  • Actions to take on specified values.
  • Tests to ensure your actions trigger (or not) appropriately with sample data you supply.