Understanding Integrator Development Kit (IDK) metadata

The manifest of the Fuchsia IDK is a JSON file that is described using a JSON schema. The goal of having a metadata based description of the IDK is to allow automated processing of the IDK to integrate it into build environments and SDKs usable by developers.

It is expected that the contents and structure of the IDK will change over time so care should be taken when interpreting the metadata during any transformations. The source of truth for the structure of the metadata is always the files contains in the meta/schemas directory of the IDK.

The source for the schema is found in //build/sdk/meta.

Manifest structure

The manifest has the following required properties:

Property Description
arch Architecture targeted for this SDK. There is a host architecture and a list of target device architectures.
id Build id of the SDK.
parts The array of elements in the SDK. Each part has a type, which is defined in meta/schemas/<type>.json
schema_version The version of the schema for the metadata. This value should be verified when using an automated integration process to make sure the metadata is being interpreted correctly.

Element types