Common font maintenance tasks

Fonts are stored on device, on behalf of all apps. Font updates are occasionally needed, for example to allow apps to render the latest emojis.

This is a registry of step-by-step instructions for font maintenance tasks. Some of the tasks require manual intervention, while some are automated. Some of the manual tasks will be automated eventually, while others will likely always require a human to approve.

How do I update existing font files?

You need to update the //fontdata repository's JIRI manifest with the latest commit IDs of the font files. You will then need to shepherd the update all the way to Fuchsia products. At the moment, this update is manual.

For full detail, consult build time configuration.

How do I get new glyphs added to font files?

Make sure that the new glyphs are necessary. For products, this may involve asking the person responsible for the product.

If the glyphs are not necessary, you can stop here.

If the glyphs are necessary, you have work to do. For "universal" fonts such as Noto or Roboto, you may need to order new glyphs to be made if they are missing. See b/213345773 for an example.

Once the glyphs are available, see above to roll the update through.