Device setup guides index

The table below is a comprehensive index of all guides related to getting Fuchsia running on a device. Use the dropdown menu next to the table to filter the results. See Descriptions for an explanation of each dropdown menu.

Type Product Board Method Host Guide
Custom Core VIM USB Cable Linux Install Fuchsia on a Khadas VIM3 board


  • Type. The type of Fuchsia image that gets provisioned onto your device. Custom workflows usually involve building Fuchsia from its source code. Prebuilt workflows usually involve downloading an already built Fuchsia image. Custom workflows usually require a lot more work and technical knowledge than Prebuilt workflows.
  • Product. The build configuration of the Fuchsia image you're provisioning onto the device.
  • Board. The hardware that you want to provision Fuchsia onto.
  • Method. The specific physical workflow for provisioning Fuchsia onto the hardware.
  • Host. Some provisioning methods require you to connect your target Fuchsia device to another computer. This category represents the operating system (OS) that the other computer must be running. N/A means that the guide doesn't require a certain host OS.