Migrate from DFv1 to DFv2

A major part of DFv1-to-DFv2 migration work involves updating the driver interfaces to DFv2.

However, if your target driver has descendant DFv1 drivers that haven't yet migrated to DFv2, you need to use the compatibility shim to enable your now-DFv2 driver to talk to other DFv1 drivers in the system. For more information on setting up and using this compatibility shim in a DFv2 driver, see the Set up the compat device server in a DFv2 driver guide.

Before you start

Before you start jumping into the DFv1-to-DFv2 migration tasks, check out the frequently asked questions page, which can help you identify special conditions or edge cases that may apply to your driver.

List of migration tasks

DFv1-to-DFv2 migration tasks are:

For more information and examples, see Additional resources.