The tutorials in this section walk you through how to use FIDL and run code on Fuchsia. The only prerequisites are completing the Getting Started section and being comfortable writing code in your chosen language. The progression of tutorials is as follows:

  1. Compiling FIDL, which is a basic introduction to writing and building FIDL files.
  2. Each binding has a "getting started" section which introduces you to the basics of FIDL and contains an ordered sequence of tutorials covering:
    1. Compiling FIDL into generated bindings in your language of choice and using the bindings in a project.
    2. Implementing a server for a FIDL protocol.
    3. Implementing a client for a FIDL protocol.
    4. Running the client and server together, on Fuchsia.
  3. Besides the getting started section, each binding section has an assorted set of tutorials based on the specific features of each binding. These do not have any pre-specified order.

Each tutorial is accompanied by example code in the FIDL examples directory. Feel free to follow along by reading the code, or by deleting the example code and rewriting it yourself based on the tutorials.

If you're using C++ and wondering which tutorial to follow, take a look at the C++ bindings comparison.