YouCompleteMe integration

YouCompleteMe is a semantic code-completion engine. YouCompleteMe works natively with Vim but it can also be integrated with other editors through ycmd.

Install YouCompleteMe in your editor

See the installation guide.

Generate compilation database

YouCompleteMe (and other tools like clang-tidy) require a JSON compilation database that specifies how each file is compiled. fx will automatically symlink the database, compile_commands.json, from your current build directory to your source root.

If this database is not present, then Vim can be configured to fall back to the configuration in /scripts/youcompleteme/ See Vim configuration for how to set this up.

Use it

YouCompleteMe will use compile_commands.json to do code completion and find symbol definitions/declarations. See your editor's YouCompleteMe docs for details. The editor should pick up compile_commands.json file automatically.

See Vim setup for instructions on configuring Vim for Fuchsia development.

Other editors (ycmd)

You'll need to set the ycmd config option global_ycm_extra_conf to point to ${FUCHSIA_DIR}/scripts/youcompleteme/ Note you may need to manually replace ${FUCHSIA_DIR} with the correct path.

Alternatively, you can create a symbolic link to let YCM automatically find the config for any fuchsia repository:

ln -s $FUCHSIA_DIR/scripts/youcompleteme/ $FUCHSIA_DIR/