fx add-update-source

register dev host as target's update source

usage: fx add-update-source [--addr ADDR] [--port PORT] [--name NAME]

Configure target device to use a new update source.

  --name NAME        Name the generated update source config NAME.
  --addr ADDR        Specify the package server address explicitly.
  --port PORT        The port at ADDR on which the package server is running (default: 8083).
  --[no-]persist     Enable or disable persistence of repo metadata. Disabled by default.
  --server-mode MODE Use repository server mode MODE to register a repository onto a device.
                     (default: output of 'ffx config get repository.server.mode').

Any IPv4 / IPv6 address or publicly reachable DNS name.
Note: ADDR must be the address as-routable by the target device.
If an link-local IPv6 address is provided, it must include a
valid scope for the target (e.g. %ethp0014).
If no ADDR is provided, the default address is assumed to be the
address of the host machine as seen by the target from an SSH
connection to the target device.

If no name is supplied, the name defaults to "devhost", otherwise
it contains the address given.

add-update-source source code