Other fx subcommands

Command Description
build-metrics manage build metrics configuration
create-pb-zip Create pb.zip based on product_bundles.json file. The created zip file will
exec read the current build config, then exec
flash-remote Remotely build, fetch and flash
jq jq is a utility for manipulating JSON on the command-line.
list-usb-disks list attached usb disks
metrics manage collection of metrics in fx tools
multi Run an fx command across multiple build directories.
netboot-remote Remotely build, fetch and netboot
pave-remote Remotely build, fetch and pave
pave-zedboot-remote Remotely build, fetch and pave zedboot
serve-remote serve from a remote workstation
setup-macos register host tools at MacOS Application Firewall
setup-ufw setup Linux firewall rules to allow Fuchsia device and emulator traffic.
status print relevant information about the developer setup
vendor forward commands to vendor/*/scripts/devshell
arm-esr decode ARM Exception Syndrome Register values
clippy Runs a Rust helper script inside the fx environment under the lock
ffx execute ffx - future fx
fidltags generate tags for .fidl files
flash-buckeye Flash Fuchsia onto a buckeye board that has already been provisioned with
gce Google Compute Engine commands
gen-cargo Runs a Rust helper script inside the fx environment
init-partition-tables run bootserver for initializing partition tables
make-fuchsia-vol build a fuchsia persistent disk
qemu-cipd-ensure Generate CIPD files to download the current QEMU package.
rustdoc Runs a Rust helper script inside the fx environment
rustfmt Runs a Rust helper script inside the fx environment
set-relay Actuates the state of an external relay by writing a single byte to |tty|.
setup-go Set up the checkout for Go development.
setup-usb-ethernet Setup udev rules for USB CDC ethernet
size-check Convenience wrapper for running the product size checker.
smoke-test Runs a Python helper script inside the fx environment
wipe-partition-tables run bootserver for wiping partition tables
zedmon run zedmon client