Usage: blobfs-compression [--option1=value --option2 ...]

The tool will output the maximum possible compressed file size using the exact same
compression implementation in blobfs. The merkle tree used here is a non-compact merkle
tree as it contributes to a bigger size than a compact merkle tree.


    The file to be compressed.
    The compressed file output path (override if existing). Unless --type is specified, will contain compressed data with zero-padding at the end to ensure the compressed file size matches the size in stdout.
    If specified, use specified type when generating the output. Supported types:
    1 - Type A: zstd-chunked, default compression level
    Do not align compressed output with block size. Incompatible with --type.
    Calculate the Merkle root/digest of a delivery blob (i.e. one created with --type). Other options are ignored if set.
    print this usage message.
    show debugging information.