fx extract-pprof

Extract pprof data from inspect.json

Fuchsia diagnostics provides a component inspection mechanism ("inspect")
(see ## https://fuchsia.dev/fuchsia-src/development/diagnostics/inspect);
Fuchsia snapshots (see https://fuchsia.dev/reference/tools/fx/cmd/snapshot)
include data collected from inspect in a file typically named inspect.json.

pprof is a tool for visualization and analysis of profiling data (see
https://github.com/google/pprof). Certain Fuchsia components expose profiling
data to inspect; this data ends up in snapshots which can be useful for
debugging crashes, memory leaks, concurrency bugs, etc.

This tool extracts and decodes the profiling data for the given component
moniker from inspect.json so that it can be used with the pprof tool.

usage: fx extract-pprof --inspect FILE --component MONIKER

  --inspect   Path to the inspect.json file
  --component Moniker to extract pprof data for (e.g. core/network/netstack)

optional arguments:
  --output    Directory to extract pprof data to; If not specified, a temporary
              directory will be created

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