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fx update-3p-owners

updates OWNERS files for third_party dependencies

usage: fx update-3p-owners  [--num-threads N]
                            [--rust-only | --integration-only]

Updates OWNERS files for projects, based on gn target references. For any
given project, the tool adds as owners the owners of the projects that depend
on that project.

By default, the tool updates OWNERS for:
  - third_party/rust_crates/vendor/*, for Rust crates specified in
  - integration third party projects specified in

--num-threads N:           run on N threads.

--rust-only:               update OWNERS files only for Rust crates,
                           specified in third_party/rust_crates/Cargo.toml.

--integration-only:        update OWNERS files only for projects specified
                           in integration/third_party/flower.

--skip-existing:           only generate OWNERS files for projects missing
                           owners; does not update exiting OWNERS files.

--skip-rustc-3p-update:    skip updating rustc_library and rustc_binary
                           third_party dependencies.

for more details.

update-3p-owners source code