Run, inspect and debug fx subcommands

Command Description
bootfs-size-report produce an uncompressed size report from a ZBI
host-tool run a host tool produced by the build
klog listen for kernel logs
log Display logs from a target device.
qemu start fuchsia in qemu with a FVM disk
run-netboot start fuchsia in qemu via netboot
symbolize Deprecated, please use "ffx debug symbolize"
syslog DEPRECATED! deprecated alias for fx log
bindc run the bind program compiler and debugger
binutils Provides a shortcut to the prebuilt LLVM binutils tools
blobstats compute some blobfs statistics from the build
bt-snoop-from-snapshot extract a snoop log from a snapshot as pcap formatted data
cpu-stats generate a report of CPU stats from a snapshot
extract-pprof Extract pprof data from inspect.json
fidlcat Deprecated, please use "ffx debug fidl"
fuzz DEPRECATED! run a fuzz test on target a device
gdb Run GDB, the GNU DeBugger.
gnu Provides a shortcut to the prebuilt GNU diagnostic tools
pprof pprof wrapper that gives access to local files in symbol-index
run-boot-test Run a ZBI test
run-in-build Run a command in the build directory
run-recovery start Fuchsia System Recovery in qemu
run-zbi-test-remote Remotely build a ZBI test, fetch and run it
snapshot Obtain and parse a snapshot from a connected target.
sniff Fuchsia packet capture and display tool
traceutil Fuchsia tracing utility
triage generate a report of error conditions
zxdb Deprecated, please use "ffx debug connect"