Run, inspect and debug fx subcommands

Command Description
emu start fuchsia in an emulator
fdt run fuchsia devtools
klog listen for kernel logs
log listen for logs from the on-device log_listener
qemu start fuchsia in qemu with a FVM disk
run DEPRECATED! deprecated: use fx emu / fx qemu instead
run-host-tests build and run tests on host
run-netboot start fuchsia in qemu via netboot
run-test build a test package and run on target.
run-test-component DEPRECATED! build a test package and run on target.
symbolize symbolize backtraces and program locations provided as input on stdin
syslog DEPRECATED! [deprecated] alias for fx log
test [EXPERIMENTAL] Entry point for all Fuchsia tests (host and target)
traceutil Fuchsia tracing utility
zxdb Fuchsia native debugger
bindc run the bind program compiler and debugger
blobstats compute some blobfs statistics from the build
bugreport Obtain and parse a bugreport from a connected target.
component-graph start component graph server to map component topology
dart-remote-test runs a single remote test target through //scripts/
dart-tunnel forward local ports to Dart VMs on the device.
debug run the debug agent on target and connect to it with zxdb
fidlcat run fidlcat on given target.
flutter-attach attach to a running flutter module to enable hot reload and debugging
fuzz run a fuzz test on target a device
iquery generate a report with component exposed data
overnet start an overnet host-pipe to target device
run-dart-action Run Dart actions (analysis, test, target-test)
run-e2e-tests run e2e tests
run-recovery start Fuchsia System Recovery in qemu
sniff packet capture and display tool
triage generate a report of error conditions