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fx check-goldens

Checks all golden file comparisons in the GN build graph.

usage: fx check-goldens [--list] [--regex] [SEARCH_TERM]

Reruns golden file checks in the current build, relying on the
"golden_files" build API module. That is,  unless `--list` is passed, in
which case this command only prints out the associated goldens.

The goldens may be filtered by a substring of their source path (e.g., a
full source-relative directory) or by a regular expression; if no search
term is provided, all accessible golden files will be matched.

TODO( This command may deal in stale metadata. Until this
bug is resolved, users must take care to make sure their build metadata is
up to data (e.g., via `fx gen`) before invoking this command.

 --list    just list the matched goldens; do not perform any checks.
 --regex   if set, the search term will be matched as a regular expression.

check-goldens source code