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fx serve

start pave and serve-updates in a single command

usage: fx serve [-v] [-l host[:port]] [-c version] [-a target] [--name NAME]
  -l host:port for "pm serve" to listen on
  -c version configuration format version for the served config.json
             that "pm" will serve. Valid choices: 1 or 2.
             Choosing `1` will serve a file which can be processed by
             `amberctl` and `pkgctl repo add ... -f 1`.
             Choosing `2` will serve a file which cannot be processed by
             `amberctl` but by `pkgctl repo ...` without the `-f 1` switch.
  --no-auto-config do not configure this host as a package server on the device
  --name NAME Name the generated update source config NAME.
  --[no-]persist enable or disable persistent repo metadata. Disabled by default.
  -v enable more verbose output (must be first argument)
  -a target ipv6 address for "fx pave --no-bind"

NOTE: This command supports incremental package publishing. If enabled,
it will not run 'pave' at all, and only act as a proxy for 'fx serve-updates'

To enable incremental package serving, run "fx --enable=incremental serve ..."

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