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fx build

Run Ninja to build Fuchsia

usage: fx build [--log FILENAME] [-SWITCH...] [zircon/TARGET | TARGET ...]

This runs Ninja, usually twice: once for Zircon and once for Fuchsia.
With no explicit targets, Zircon Ninja builds its default targets and
then Fuchsia Ninja builds its default targets.

For each `zircon/TARGET` argument, `TARGET` is passed to Zircon Ninja.
For each other `TARGET` argument, `TARGET` is passed to Fuchsia Ninja.
If all the target arguments are `zircon/TARGET`, Fuchsia Ninja is not run.

optional arguments:
  --log LOGFILE     Print debug information to LOGFILE. Please attach the
                    resulting file when reporting bugs.
  --no-zircon       Skip building zircon (ignoring any zircon targets that
                    may have been passed). This is useful for efficiently
                    building host-side targets that have no zircon

Other arguments are passed through to Ninja (same switches for both Zircon
and Fuchsia).
Run `fx build -h` to see Ninja argument details.

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