fx log

listen for logs from the on-device log_listener

usage: fx log [-h | --help] [--raw] [-r | --remote-symbols] LOG_LISTENER_FLAGS

   --raw                   do not attempt to symbolize the log

   --help|-h               show this help and attempt to also show the
                           on-device log_listener help

   LOG_LISTENER_FLAGS      flags (e.g., severity) to pass to the on-device
                           log_listener; supported flags are listed at

Creates an SSH connection with a device and starts listening for logs.
It will listen to the device specified with `fx -d DEVICE log` or
`fx set-device`, otherwise it will try to find a connected device.

If the command hangs without printing anything, first check to make sure `fx shell`
works on its own.

For more information on flags supported by the on-device log_listener, see

log source code