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fx serve-remote

serve from a remote workstation

usage: fx serve-remote [--no-serve] [--tunnel-ports=NNNN,..] HOSTNAME [REMOTE-PATH]

HOSTNAME     the hostname of the workstation you want to serve from
REMOTE-PATH  defaults to ~/fuchsia. The path on the to FUCHSIA_DIR on the workstation.

 --no-serve                    only tunnel, do not start a package server
 --no-check-ssh-keys  do not verify that the default SSH
                               credentials are the same before serving.
 --[no-]persist                enable or disable persistence of repository metadata.
                               Disabled by default.
 --tunnel-ports=NNN1,NNN2,NNN3 comma-separated list of additional ports to
                               tunnel. This is used for e2e tests running on
                               remote host that needs to reach the local device.

HOST and DIR are persisted in the file //.fx-remote-config and are reused as
defaults in future invocations of any 'fx *-remote' tools.

serve-remote source code