fx serve-remote

serve from a remote workstation

usage: fx serve-remote [--no-serve] [--tunnel-ports=NNNN,..] HOSTNAME [REMOTE-PATH]

HOSTNAME     the hostname of the workstation you want to serve from
REMOTE-PATH  defaults to ~/fuchsia. The path on the to FUCHSIA_DIR on the workstation.

 --no-serve                    only tunnel, do not start a package server
 --no-check-ssh-keys  do not verify that the default SSH
                               credentials are the same before serving.
 --[no-]persist                enable or disable persistence of repository metadata.
                               Disabled by default.
 --tunnel-ports=NNN1,NNN2,NNN3 comma-separated list of additional ports to
                               tunnel. This is used for e2e tests running on
                               remote host that needs to reach the local device.
  --repo-port port             port that the repository server will listen on.

HOST and DIR are persisted in the file //.fx-remote-config and are reused as
defaults in future invocations of any 'fx *-remote' tools.

serve-remote source code