Source tree fx subcommands

Command Description
cipd run the cipd command line tool
doctor DEPRECATED! run various checks to determine the health of a Fuchsia checkout
jiri multi-purpose tool for multi-repo development.
clang-tidy runs clang-tidy on specified files
format-code runs source formatters on modified files
gen-cargo generate symlinks to Rust Cargo.toml output files
lint runs source linters on modified files
make-integration-patch Creates an integration CL to test other CLs in the global integration commit queue.
pending-commits view commits not yet published to global integration
rustfmt format Rust code
set-petal configure jiri to manage a specific petal
update-rustc-crate-map record mapping from Rust package name to crate name and crate type
update-rustc-third-party updates rustc_library and rustc_binary third_party dependencies