fx mkzedboot-remote

make a zedboot USB key

usage: fx mkzedboot-remote HOST [DIR] [--no-build] [--no-check-ssh-keys] --usb USB_DEVICE [--force]
 --no-build           do not build, just pull artifacts already present
 --no-check-ssh-keys  do not verify that the default SSH credentials are the
                      same before paving.

 HOST                 the hostname to connect to
 DIR                  defaults to ${HOME}/fuchsia, the path to the FUCHSIA_DIR on HOST

 --force              force writing to a non-usb target

HOST and DIR are persisted in the file //.fx-remote-config and are reused as
defaults in future invocations of any 'fx *-remote' tools.

mkzedboot-remote source code