fx set-device

set the default device to interact with

usage: fx set-device DEVICE[:SSH_PORT]

fx set-device is used to specify the default device to target for
fx commands that communicate with a Fuchsia device.
A device is set within the scope of a build directory (i.e. out/arm64 may
have a different default device than out/x64).

If no device name is given, set-device will attempt to discover devices. If
one device is found, that device is set as the default for the current build
directory. If more than one device is found, the user must select one and
provide it to a subsequent invocation of the command.

If specified, DEVICE may be a Fuchsia device name that will be resolved
using ffx or an IP address. An IPv4 address must be specified
directly, while IPv6 need to be surrounded by brackets.

SSH_PORT, if specified, will be used for all commands that rely on SSH to
connect to the device, instead of the default SSH port (22).

  fx set-device strut-wind-ahead-turf
  fx set-device strut-wind-ahead-turf:222
  fx set-device
  fx set-device
  fx set-device [fe80::7:8%eth0]
  fx set-device [fe80::7:8%eth0]:5222
  fx set-device

To unset, use `fx unset-device`.

set-device source code