fx dis

Dumps disassembly for binaries from the build.

usage: fx dis [-l | -S | -n | -L | -P <path to objdump>] BINARY...

Dump disassembly for a binary to a file in the build directory.

  -l                        list source locations interleaved with assembly
  -S                        list source code lines interleaved with assembly
  -r                        list relocations interleaved with assembly
  -n                        do not demangle symbol names
  -L                        use llvm-objdump rather than GNU objdump
  -P <path>                 use objdump binary in argument

Each BINARY can be the name of the binary file without directory, e.g.
"libzircon.so" or "zircon.elf"; or the name of a GN target, e.g. "zircon";
or a string of (lowercase) hex characters that's an ELF build ID.

The disassembly will be written to a file next to the binary file in
the build directory, using its name with ".lst" suffix.

dis source code