fx self-test

run tests of fx and subcommands

    fx self-test --all
        Run all tests from all test scripts.

        Run all tests from the specified test script(s) or in the
        test scripts in the specified test subdirectory(ies), recursively.

           TEST_SCRIPT  Name of a test script file containing tests.
                        Test script filenames end with "_test" and are
                        relative to //tools/devshell/tests.
                        See the existing test scripts below.

           TEST_DIR     A subdirectory of //tools/devshell/tests.

    fx self-test TEST_SCRIPT [--test TEST_NAME] [--help]
        Executes a single test script.
           --test TEST_NAME   Only run the specified test
           --help             List the tests and test options  in the test script

   fx self-test --all   # run all tests from all tests scripts
   fx self-test subcommands    # run all tests scripts in //tools/devshell/tests/subcommands
   fx self-test subcommands/fx_set_test   # run all tests in //tools/devshell/tests/subcommands/fx_set_test
   fx self-test fx-internal/fx_test   # run all tests in //tools/devshell/tests/fx-internal/fx_test
   fx self-test fx-internal/fx_test --test TEST_fx-subcommand-run   # run a single test from fx-internal/fx_test

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