fx iquery

generate a report with component exposed data

usage: fx iquery [f|--format <FORMAT>]
                 [--] [<REGEX> [...<REGEX>]]

Runs and generate a report from the selected components.

   -f|--format <FORMAT>      What formatter to be used for the output.
                             These will be passed on to the underlying iquery
                             tool. Supported values:
                             - text: Human readable output. [DEFAULT]
                             - json: Simple to parse JSON format.
   -s|--system-diagnostics   Whether to include the system generated debug
                             information. This is information includes current
                             register and stack traces for all threads.
                             False by default.
   -d|--display              Whether to trigger display mode.
                             When display mode is set for text output, node 
                             names only include the full path for the root
                             of the hierarchy.

   REGEX   Basic Regular Expression (as understood by GNU grep) to filter
           out components. Only matching components will be included in the

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