fx host-tool

run a host tool produced by the build

usage: fx host-tool [--no-build] TOOLNAME [TOOL_ARGS...]

This looks for a tool named TOOLNAME in tool_paths.json and executes it
with the provided TOOL_ARGS.
   --no-build       does not attempt to build the tool if it does not exist
   --check-firewall print a warning if the tool isn't included in firewall
                    rules. This is a no-op outside of macOS.
   --print          print the tool path instead of executing it. TOOL_ARGS
                    is ignored, but check-firewall and build behaves the

If the tool is not known to the build system, for example if it is not in
the GN build graph, a proper message will be printed and the script fails.
This script is specially useful for other scripts, via fx-command-run,
although it can also be used directly by final users.

The tool will be built if host-tool is being run interactively,
otherwise an error will be produced if the tool is missing.

host-tool source code