fx pave

run bootserver for paving

usage: fx pave [--build|--no-build] [-1|--keep-running] [extra bootserver arguments]

  --build | --no-build     build (or not) the images required to pave. defaults to --no-build
  --run-once | --keep-running      perform a single pave and exit or keep the bootserver
                                   running after the first paving. defaults to --run-once
  extra bootserver args    arguments passed directly to bootserver

Start a bootserver for paving a device, optionally performing a build of the
system images before.

Defaults are defined by the "incremental" feature:
   'fx --enable=incremental pave'  defaults to "--build"
   'fx --disable=incremental pave'  defaults to "--no-build"

For bootserver specific arguments, use 'fx pave --help'

pave source code