Usage: pm [-k key] [-m manifest] [-o output dir] [-t tempdir] <command> [-help]

Package Commands:
    init     - initialize a package meta directory in the standard form
    build    - perform update and seal in order
    update   - update the merkle roots in meta/contents
    seal     - seal package metadata into a meta.far
    verify   - verify metadata
    archive  - construct a single .far representation of the package

Repository Commands:
    newrepo  - create a new local repostory
    publish  - publish a package to a local repository
    serve    - serve a local repository
    expand   - (deprecated) expand an archive

    snapshot - capture metadata from multiple packages in a single file
    delta    - compare two snapshot files

For help with individual commands run "pm <command> --help"

  -abi-revision value
        package ABI revision
  -api-level value
        package API level
  -k string
        deprecated; do not use
  -m string
        build manifest (or package directory) (default ".")
  -n string
        name of the packages
  -o string
        archive output directory (default ".")
  -r string
        repository of the packages
  -subpackages string
        metafile of subpackages
  -t string
        temporary directory (default "/tmp")
  -trace file
        write runtime trace to file