RFC-0187: Allow first thread in process to start with zx_thread_start

RFC-0187: Allow first thread in process to start with zx_thread_start
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Currently the first thread in a process must be started with zx_process_start. This RFC proposes allowing the first thread to be started with zx_thread_start.

Gerrit change
Date submitted (year-month-day)2022-08-04
Date reviewed (year-month-day)2022-09-31


This RFC proposes allowing the first thread in a process to be started using zx_thread_start, without changing the semantics of handle transfer.


Currently the first thread in a process must be started using zx_process_start, while subsequent threads must be started using zx_thread_start. These system calls differ in two ways:

  1. zx_process_start requires a handle to both the process and thread to start, while zx_thread_start only requires a handle to the thread.
  2. zx_process_start allows the caller to transfer a handle to the started process.

If a client does not explicitly start threads using zx_thread_start (e.g., it uses a standard threading library) this restriction can force significant workarounds.

Consider the case of Starnix, which uses Rust's std::thread to create and start new threads. When Starnix is creating the first thread in a process it can't tell the underlying library to "create but don't start" the thread, nor can it tell the library to use zx_process_start instead of zx_thread_start.

Instead of forcing clients to work around such problems, this RFC proposes allowing clients to use zx_thread_start for all threads in a process' lifecycle.

It's important to note that this does not require changing the semantics of how handles are transferred between processes. zx_process_start will remain the only way to transfer a handle to the new process.


Who has a stake in whether this RFC is accepted? (This section is optional but encouraged.)

Facilitator: davemoore@google.com


  • abarth@google.com
  • cpu@google.com
  • mcgrathr@google.com
  • travisg@google.com



This change has been discussed with various members of the kernel team over the past year.


This RFC does not require changing interfaces; it only changes the semantics of calling zx_thread_start on the first thread in a process.


The change allows zx_thread_start(thread, thread_entry, stack, arg1, arg2) to be used to start any thread in a process. Calling zx_thread_start will be equivalent to calling zx_process_start(process, thread, entry, stack, ZX_HANDLE_INVALID, arg2).

The only differences being that zx_thread_start does not require the explicit process handle, and it allows callers to set arg1 (which is reserved for the ZX_HANDLE_INVALID in zx_process_start).

The implementation can be done in a single change, see here.


The standard kernel benchmarks will be run on the change.


This change improves ergonomics for clients by allowing them to use standard thread libraries when creating all threads in a process.

Security considerations

The transfer of handles between processes stays the same, and calling zx_process_start after the first thread in the process has been started will result in an error.


The documentation for zx_process_start and zx_thread_start will be updated to reflect the new semantics.