fx repro

Locally replicate the result of infra builds and tests

This command attempts to replicate the result of an infra builder by reading
build information and translating to corresponding local 'fx' commands.

usage: fx repro [-h|--help] <BUILD_ID>|<BUILD_URL>|<FINT_PARAMS_FILE>

 BUILD_ID: the id of a build, prefixed or not by "b". For example:
      b8860637037546448224 or 8860637037546448224

 BUILD_URL: the URL you are redirected to when you click on a box in the
      "Tryjob" section of a Gerrit CL. For example:

 FINT_PARAMS_FILE: a local path to a fint params file, usually a *.textproto file
      in //integration/infra/config/generated/*/fint_params/. For example:

Please provide feedback on go/fx-repro-feedback

repro source code