fx validate-sdk

Attempt to build a few known SDK-based OOT repos based on a core SDK

This command attempts to build some known SDK-based OOT repos with an SDK
produced with the local Fuchsia tree and build configuration.

Usage: fx validate-sdk [--local-bazel-rules] [--keep-tmp] [[REPO/CLNUM/PATCHSET] ...]

It first runs the equivalent of 'fx build sdk:core sdk:driver'

Then for each SDK-based repo from the list:
   it will clone the corresponding repo and attempt to build it with
the local SDK produced by 'fx build sdk:core sdk:driver'

Given that some of these repos, like getting-started and drivers, only
update their SDK every few weeks, there will likely be a WIP roller CL
that you may want to patch before attempting to build.
If you want to patch a CL from these repos before validating the SDK,
you can use the [REPO/CL/PATCHSET] syntax:

    --local-bazel-rules  Use the version of the sdk-integration repo in
                         the local Fuchsia tree (//third_party/sdk-integration)
                         instead of the version checked-in on the samples.
                         With this option, the in-tree sdk-integration will replace both
                         the checked-in and patched-in sdk-integration.

    --keep-tmp   Do not delete the temporary directories used to fetch and
                 build the samples when they fail to build. This is useful
                 to debug and iterate on fixes without having to download the samples again.
                 If the build succeeds, the temp dirs will be deleted
                 regardless of this flag.

         fx validate-sdk
         fx validate-sdk --local-bazel-rules
         fx validate-sdk drivers/715716/9 getting-started/691515/11
         fx validate-sdk --keep-tmp

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