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fx emu

start fuchsia in an emulator

usage: fx emu [-a <mode>] [-c <text>] [-N [-I <ifname>]] [-u <path>] [-g <port> [-r <fps>] [-t <cmd>]] [-x <port> [-X <directory>]] [-e <directory>] [-w <size>] [-s <cpus>] [-m <mb>] [-k <authorized_keys_file>] [-K <kernel_image>] [-z <zbi_image>] [-f <fvm_image>] [-H|--headless] [--audio] [--software-gpu] [--debugger]
  -a <mode> acceleration mode (auto, off, kvm, hvf, hax), default is auto
  -c <text> append item to kernel command line
  -ds <size> extends the fvm image size to <size> bytes. Default is twice the original size
  -N run with emulated nic via tun/tap
  -I <ifname> uses the tun/tap interface named ifname
  -u <path> execute emu if-up script, default: linux: no script, macos: tap ifup script.
  -e <directory> location of emulator, defaults to looking in prebuilt/third_party/aemu/PLATFORM
  -g <port> enable gRPC service on port to control the emulator, default is 5556 when WebRTC service is enabled
  -r <fps> webrtc frame rate when using gRPC service, default is 30
  -t <cmd> execute the given command to obtain turn configuration
  -x <port> enable WebRTC HTTP service on port
  -X <directory> location of grpcwebproxy, defaults to looking in prebuilt/third_party/grpcwebproxy
  -w <size> window size, default is 1280x800
  -s <cpus> number of cpus, 1 for uniprocessor
  -m <mb> total memory, in MB
  -k <authorized_keys_file> SSH authorized keys file, otherwise defaults to ~/.ssh/fuchsia_authorized_keys
  -K <kernel_image> path to image to use as kernel, defaults to kernel generated by the current build.
  -z <zbi_image> path to image to use as ZBI, defaults to zircon-a generated by the current build.
  -f <fvm_image> path to full FVM image, defaults to image generated by the current build.
  -A <arch> architecture of images (x64, arm64), default is the current build.
  -H|--headless run in headless mode
  --audio run with audio hardware added to the virtual machine
  --host-gpu run with host GPU acceleration
  --software-gpu run without host GPU acceleration
  --debugger pause on launch and wait for a debugger process to attach before resuming

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