fx helpdoc

create markdown docs for fx subcommands

usage: fx helpdoc [OPTIONS] OUTPUT_PATH

Create markdown documentation for fx and its subcommands, based on
the same metadata that is used to create the output of `fx help`

    --vendor                  create docs for subcommands in //vendor/*/scripts/devshell.
                                If specified, only vendor docs are documented. There's
                                no way to generate docs for vendor and non-vendor at the
                                same time.
    --toc-prefix URL_PREFIX   use URL_PREFIX instead of "/reference/tools/fx"
                                as an URL prefix in generated _toc.yaml files.
    --escape-jinja            escape jinja tags in fx help text to avoid
                                parsing errors in fuchsia.dev.
    --no-deprecated           do not create docs for deprecated subcommands
    --no-contrib              do not create docs for contrib scripts in //tools/devshell/contrib/*
    --archive                 creates a compressed archive at OUTPUT_PATH.
                                If specified, output will be compressed
                                and OUTPUT_PATH must end with .tgz or .tar.gz.
                                This must be the last option specified before the OUTPUT_PATH
    --depfile DEPFILENAME     creates a depfile for helpdoc generation. Must be run with archive

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