fx debug

run the debug agent on target and connect to it with zxdb

Starts the debug agent on the proposed target and automatically connect zxdb
to it. Will close the debug agent on exit.


- Remember to use "fx set-device" when working with multiple devices.
- This scripts by default will mute the SSH connection stdout/stderr, so any
  errors triggered by it won't appear. Use the --verbose-agent flag to see
  the output.
- This scripts uses the tool "nc" for testing TCP connections. Check that it
  is in $PATH and that it works.

Usage: fx debug [(--core|-c) <CORE>] [--no-agent] [(--port|-p) <PORT>]
                [--unwind=(aosp|ng|fuchsia)] [(--verbose-agent|-va)] [--gdb]

   --core            Load a minidump file into zxdb.
   --no-agent        Don't start a Debug Agent.
   --port            Port the debug agent will be listening on.
                     Will use 2345 by default.
   --target-core     Look on the target for a minidump file taken by
                     crashpad, download it and load it into zxdb.
   --unwind          Choose the unwinder to use. Options are
                       - "aosp" (Android's unwinder)
                       - "ng" for "ngunwind" (Fuchsia's fork of libunwind)
                       - "fuchsia" (an experimental homemade unwinder)
                     Defaults to "aosp".
   --verbose-agent   Whether the debug agent's stdout/stderr should be shown.
                     Useful for debugging the debugger. Yo' dawg.
   --gdb             Launch zxdb using gdb. This is only useful to be able to debug zxdb. This
                     option only works if you have the unstripped version of zxdb.

Flags after -- are parsed by zxdb.  See zxdb's documentation for more

debug source code