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Defined in fuchsia.lowpan.thread/legacy.fidl

Protocol for supporting non-standard in-band commissioning protocols. Only one instance of this protocol may be valid at a time: after the first request all subsequent requests for this protocol will fail until the first instance is closed.


Makes the interface joinable for Thread devices that need to use a non-standard in-band commissioning protocol. It is not used for standard Thread commissioning.

When this call returns, the interface has been made joinable if requested.

Subsequent calls to this method will override previous calls. To force the interface to no longer be joinable immediately, call this method with a duration of zero seconds and a port of zero (port is ignored in this case).

This method must only be called when the interface is online (Specifically, either attaching, attached, or isolated). If the interface is in any other state, the channel will be closed with ZX_ERR_BAD_STATE.

duration specifies a minimum time the interface should be made joinable, relative to the time the call is received. It may be rounded up to the nearest second.

port specifies the local port that TCP or UDP commissioning traffic will be directed to.


duration zx/duration
port uint16