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Defined in fuchsia.ui.app/view_provider.fidl

ViewProvider is the standard mechanism for two modules to each obtain half of a shared eventpair token. The shared token is a capability allowing the modules to ask Scenic to create a ViewHolder/View pair. The resulting View and ViewHolder are linked together until either one is destroyed.

Modules are free to use any other mechanism to agree upon the shared eventpair token, and use this to create the linked ViewHolder/View. ViewProvider is given for the convenience of clients that don't require a more complex implementation.


Creates a new View under the control of the ViewProvider.

The args are provided as a table, for forward compatibility. See documentation on the individual table fields.


args CreateView2Args


Creates a new View under the control of the ViewProvider.

token is one half of the shared eventpair which will bind the new View to its associated ViewHolder. The ViewProvider will use token to create its internal View representation. The caller is expected to use its half to create corresponding ViewHolder object.

view_ref_control and view_ref are two typed handles to each half of the same event pair. The view_ref can be cloned before passing it to this method, which will allow clients to track the view (e.g., in a focus chain update).

view_ref_control must not have the ZX_RIGHT_DUPLICATE set, or view creation will fail.

Deprecated: 13


token handle<eventpair>
view_ref_control fuchsia.ui.views/ViewRefControl
view_ref fuchsia.ui.views/ViewRef


CreateView2Args resource

Defined in fuchsia.ui.app/view_provider.fidl

view_creation_token fuchsia.ui.views/ViewCreationToken

Non-optional. This token can be provided to Flatland to attach the client's child view to the parent's viewport.