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Defined in fuchsia.debugdata/debugdata.fidl

DebugData defines the interface for instrumentation configuration and data publishing.


The program runtime names a config_name referring to a debug configuration of some kind and gets back a VMO to read configuration data from. The sanitizer runtimes use this to allow large options text to be stored in a file rather than passed directly in environment strings.


config_name string[1024]


config handle<vmo>?


The program runtime sends a string naming a data_sink and transfers the sole handle to a VMO containing the data it wants published there. The data_sink string identifies a type of data, and the VMO's object name can specifically identify the data set in this VMO. The ZX_PROP_VMO_CONTENT_SIZE property should be set on the VMO to indicate the precise size of the data in case that is not whole pages; however, leaving it unset (i.e. 0) is acceptable when the whole-page size of the VMO is the intended size of dump. The client must transfer the only handle to the VMO (which prevents the VMO being resized without the receiver's knowledge), but it might still have the VMO mapped in and continue to write data to it. Code instrumentation runtimes use this to deliver large binary trace results. In such cases, the client should use the vmo_token channel to signal when the VMO is ready for processing by the recipient. The receiver will not process the VMO until the vmo_token channel is closed. Therefore, the client should retain the vmo_token channel until it has completed all writes to the VMO.


data_sink string[1024]
data handle<vmo>
vmo_token request<DebugDataVmoToken>


Defined in fuchsia.debugdata/debugdata.fidl

DebugDataVmoToken is an empty protocol used by a client calling DebugData.Publish to indicate when the reciever may begin processing a VMO. See DebugData.Publish for more details.



MAX_NAME 1024 uint64

The maximum length, in bytes, of data sink or configuration name. TODO(mcgrathr): Align this with file name limits in some fs protocol.